Kevin Moody

Kevin Moody has worked to improve people’s health and quality of life for the past 20 years through public policy, communications, advocacy and evidence generation programmes.

Kevin’s work has led to changes in policies, laws and guidelines at the national, regional and international levels. Examples include:

  • Ensuring person-centred solutions
  • Improving access to medicines
  • Fighting counterfeit medicines
  • Supporting rational drug use
  • Fighting punitive laws that reduce access to healthcare
  • Improving social factors that affect people’s access to healthcare

Essential to Kevin’s success in policy and programming change has been the focus on collaborative evidence-based advocacy, including the generation of new data through co-creation of programmes with end users. Kevin works by bringing together people, policy makers, decision makers and officials to create win-win solutions that ultimate benefit every stakeholder.

Kevin has also provides  expertise in non-profit management, organisational strategy and governance in both large and small business contexts.

Kevin was a registered pharmacist for 15 years and holds a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate in education, with a specialty in instructional technology and distance learning.