The Mexican experience of the community response to HIV and AIDS supported by public funding

As part of the side events during the International Conference on HIV Science, organized by the IAS AIDS in Mexico City, a Case Study on the Mexican experience in social contracting was presented

This publication was the result of collaboration between the National Movement fighting HIV and AIDS from Mexico, the Regional CRG Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean (Global Fund / Vía Libre), the Civil Society Sustainability Network (CSSN) and the International Civil Society Support (ICSS).

The response to HIV and AIDS, and in particular the channelling of state resources to civil society in Mexico, has been a leading case and good practices on multisectoral work during decades that has inspired similar models in the region and the world. Recently, the Mexican new government has decided on a different approach to health that exclude the civil society response. This crisis led Mexican civil society to organize itself into a National Movement to reverse these changes.

The case study focuses on describing: the creation and evolution of the social contracting approach, the achievements and the lessons learned; with the purpose of documenting an experience that has shown great achievements, and at the same time, being able to inform decision-makers with this publication.

The Civil Society Organizations, mentioned above, that partnered in the development of this review exercise have in common that the work supporting civil society organization accessing support  in a process of transitioning of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. , whose model since its inception was based on the multi-sectoral partnership enabling a leading role for the communities.

One of the approaches that has proven to contribute on the sustainability of the community response, after end of the Global Fund investment is the implementation of programs where the government channel resources or hire the services of NGOs and CBOs. “The Mexican experience – Strategy of public financing to civil society organizations to strengthen the response to HIV and AIDS” was meant to be a contribution to understand these collaborative, effective and effective work strategies, as well as, some of the challenges.

The digital versions of the publication are available in Spanish in this link  and in English in this link .