Developing an Accountability Framework for Civil Society Representatives working on global health issues, January 2010

Accountability of civil society representatives to the main bodies responsible for international health policy is a topic which has been under discussion for some time. The Salamander Trust was commissioned in October 2009 by ICSS and the Accountability Working Group, to further those discussions and to prepare a framework intended to increase accountability.

This Accountability Framework was developed on the basis of a literature review and interviews with members of the Accountability Working Group, civil society representatives to the Global Fund delegations, the UNAIDS PCB, UNITAID, GAVI, the IHP+ and members of civil society constituencies. It was intended to enable representatives to collectively discuss and come to common understandings of a
delegation’s current situation, progress made, and plans for further progress towards increased accountability. The Framework should also provide useful insights for donors and institutions that work with civil society representatives.

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