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Mid-Term Review of Phase 2 of the New Venture Fund for Global Fund Advocacy grant portfolio

This document presents the findings, conclusions and recommendations of a Mid-Term Review (MTR) of Phase 2 of the New Venture Fund for Global Fund Advocacy (NVF for GFA) grant portfolio.  The phase 2 grants address on-going resource mobilisation and advocacy around the Replenishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the Global […]

HIV/AIDS: What You Need to Know

Symptoms, causes, treatments, testing, and other important info about HIV/AIDS. “The reality is that HIV is a complex illness. It’s a biological disease (a virus), but it has social and cultural causes — as well as social and cultural impacts. When people talk about HIV, it’s hard to talk about any one of these aspects […]

A Change in Leadership

Founding Executive Director of International Civil Society Support (ICSS), Peter van Rooijen, has stepped down as head of the organisation. Peter founded ICSS in 2006, following his engagement in the HIV response and global health since the onset of the epidemics. Peter van Rooijen will continue in a new role through a partnership between the […]

Goodbyes and welcomes at ICSS

International Civil Society Support (ICSS) has begun a new year and with it there have been a number of transitions: we wanted to take this opportunity to welcome new colleagues and pass on best wishes to departing colleagues. As Rico Gustav has taken up his new role as ED of GNP+, we have recently welcomed […]