Action plan to reverse destructive HIV financing trends in middle-income countries

This action plan was developed following a series of discussions held in New York, Durban and
Amsterdam. For the Amsterdam meeting, held at the end of October 2016, International Civil Society
Support (ICSS) and the Open Society Foundations (OSF) organized a gathering of 35 advocates from
around the world to discuss the need for and methods to coordinate advocacy, capacity-building and
communications efforts to address the funding crisis in middle-income countries. This document is a
result of those discussions and the background documents that informed them. The Amsterdam meeting
agenda and the participants list are included in this document as Annex 2 and Annex 3, respectively.

The organizers wish to thank those who participated in the planning of the meetings and in providing
background information: Peter van Rooijen and Raoul Frasen of ICSS, and Julia Greenberg, Ekaterina
Lukicheva, Melania Trejo and Raminta Stuikyte of OSF. David Barr and Jeff Hoover of The Fremont
Center prepared this document.

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